17th Century Ebooks

Experiences of Poverty in Late Medieval and Early Modern England and France ebook cover
Captain Misson: Death Or Glory: Pirate Classics ebook cover
The Elizabethan Underworld - a collection of Tudor and Early Stuart Tracts and Ballads ebook cover
The Witch-Hunt in Early Modern Europe ebook cover
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Baroque Spain and the Writing of Visual and Material Culture ebook cover
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The Global Lives of Things: The Material Culture of Connections in the Early Modern World ebook cover
Europe in the Seventeenth Century ebook cover
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Narratives from the Sephardic Atlantic: Blood and Faith ebook cover
$38.75 $54.99
The Murder of King James I ebook cover
Staging Spectatorship in the Plays of Philip Massinger ebook cover
Waterborne Pageants and Festivities in the Renaissance: Essays in Honour of J.R. Mulryne ebook cover
The Age of Reformation: The Tudor and Stewart Realms 1485-1603 ebook cover
Johann Sleidan and the Protestant Vision of History ebook cover
Principles of Anatomy according to the Opinion of Galen by Johann Guinter and Andreas Vesalius ebook cover
The Counts of Laval ebook cover
Sources and Methods in Histories of Colonialism: Approaching the Imperial Archive ebook cover
City of Light, City of Poison: Murder, Magic, and the First Police Chief of Paris ebook cover
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Catherine of Braganza: Charles II's Restoration Queen ebook cover
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The Construction of Reformed Identity in Jean Crespin's Livre des Martyrs ebook cover
The Buccaneers of America ebook cover
Custom, Improvement and the Landscape in Early Modern Britain ebook cover
The Ashgate Research Companion to The Sidneys, 1500-1700: Volume 1: Lives ebook cover
The Stuart Age: England, 1603-1714 ebook cover
The Historye of the Bermudaes or Summer Islands ebook cover