17th Century Ebooks

The Elizabethan World ebook cover
The Rule of Law, 1603-1660: Crowns, Courts and Judges ebook cover
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The Mayflower ebook cover
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Lord Burghley and Episcopacy, 1577-1603 ebook cover
Sleep in Early Modern England ebook cover
The World of Plants in Renaissance Tuscany: Medicine and Botany ebook cover
A History of English Philanthropy ebook cover
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Scottish Culture and Traditions ebook cover
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Rococo Fiction in France, 1600 - 1715: Seditious Frivolity ebook cover
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Black Ranching Frontiers: African Cattle Herders of the Atlantic World, 1500-1900 ebook cover
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Metatheater and Modernity: Baroque and Neobaroque ebook cover
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Jahangir and the Jesuits: With an Account of the Benedict Goes and the Mission to Pegu ebook cover
A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates - from their first rise and settlement in the Island of Providence to the ebook cover
Lives of the Most Remarkable Criminals - who have been condemned and executed for murder, the highway, housebreaking, street robberies, coining or oth ebook cover
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Cromwell's Masterstroke: Dunbar 1650 ebook cover
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Russia's Military Way to the West: Origins and Nature of Russian Military Power 1700-1800 ebook cover
Frederick the Great: A Military Life ebook cover
The Fortress in the Age of Vauban and Frederick the Great 1660-1789 ebook cover
Amsterdam's Atlantic: Print Culture and the Making of Dutch Brazil ebook cover
The Making of the English Gardener: Plants, Books and Inspiration, 1560-1660 ebook cover
Ralph Tailor's Summer: A Scrivener, His City and the Plague ebook cover
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Of Memory and Literary Form: Making the Early Modern English Nation ebook cover
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Two Early Modern Marriage Sermons ebook cover
Restoration Ireland: Always Settling and Never Settled ebook cover