18th Century Ebooks

A Few Lawless Vagabonds ebook cover
Life on the Tyne ebook cover
At the Point of a Cutlass ebook cover
Liberty or Death: The French Revolution ebook cover
A History of Modern France ebook cover
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The Hunt after Jeanne-Antoinette de Pompadour ebook cover
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Benjamin Franklin: The Religious Life of a Founding Father ebook cover
A Technical and Business Revolution: American Woolens to 1832 ebook cover
What is Past is Prologue: Cost Accounting in the British Industrial Revolution, 1760-1850 ebook cover
Bankruptcy and Insolvency in London During the Industrial Revolution ebook cover
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Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and the British Challenge to Republican America, 1783-95 ebook cover
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Age Norms and Intercultural Interaction in Colonial North America ebook cover
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The Industrial Revolution and Economic Growth ebook cover
The Battle of Plassey 1757: The Victory That Won an Empire ebook cover
Communities of Devotion: Religious Orders and Society in East Central Europe, 1450-1800 ebook cover
Fran§ois Valentijn's Description of Ceylon: (Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indien, 1726) ebook cover
Louisbourg: Past, Present, Future ebook cover
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Literary Sociability in Early Modern England: The Epistolary Record ebook cover
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Economic Arithmetic ebook cover
Treitschke: His Life and Works ebook cover
The Causes of the Industrial Revolution in England ebook cover
English Jesuit Education: Expulsion, Suppression, Survival and Restoration, 1762-1803 ebook cover
Cultures of Voting in Pre-modern Europe ebook cover
Suffering Scholars: Pathologies of the Intellectual in Enlightenment France ebook cover