18th Century Ebooks

Naturalists at Sea: Scientific Travellers from Dampier to Darwin ebook cover
Ship of Death: A Voyage That Changed the Atlantic World ebook cover
Demonic Possession and Exorcism: In Early Modern France ebook cover
The Transformation of England (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
Female Agency in the Urban Economy: Gender in European Towns, 1640-1830 ebook cover
Glory and Terror: Seven Deaths Under the French Revolution ebook cover
Crime and Society in England: 1750 - 1900 ebook cover
The Louisiana Purchase: A Global Context ebook cover
The Passions and the Interests: Political Arguments for Capitalism before Its Triumph ebook cover
Between Monopoly and Free Trade: The English East India Company, 1600-1757 ebook cover
Louisbourg: Past, Present, Future ebook cover
Jonathan Swift: His Life and His World ebook cover
The Woman of the Eighteenth Century ebook cover
Mary Wollstonecraft: An Annotated Bibliography ebook cover
Hesitancy and Experimentation in Enlightenment Spain and Spanish America ebook cover
Rousseau, the Age of Enlightenment, and Their Legacies ebook cover
The Secrets of Pirate Management ebook cover
Against War and Empire: Geneva, Britain, and France in the Eighteenth Century ebook cover
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Fiction and the Philosophy of Happiness: Ethical Inquiries in the Age of Enlightenment ebook cover
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Robespierre: A Revolutionary Life ebook cover
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Feminism and the Politics of Travel after the Enlightenment ebook cover
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The First Fleet: The Real Story ebook cover
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Newton and the Origin of Civilization ebook cover
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Revealing Bodies ebook cover
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