19th Century Ebooks

The British Empire: A History and a Debate ebook cover
British Sporting Literature and Culture in the Long Eighteenth Century ebook cover
Spaces of Global Knowledge: Exhibition, Encounter and Exchange in an Age of Empire ebook cover
The Neglected Shelley ebook cover
Geography, Technology and Instruments of Exploration ebook cover
Cities Beyond Borders: Comparative and Transnational Approaches to Urban History ebook cover
Grtry's Operas and the French Public: From the Old Regime to the Restoration ebook cover
In Nelson's Wake: The Navy and the Napoleonic Wars ebook cover
A History of Modern South Asia: Politics, States, Diasporas ebook cover
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Bombers, Rioters and Police Killers: Violent Crime and Disorder in Victorian Britain ebook cover
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Women in Magazines: Research, Representation, Production and Consumption ebook cover
The Younger Pitt ebook cover
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A Yankee in Canada ebook cover
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The Secret Poisoner: A Century of Murder ebook cover
The Alamo's Forgotten Defenders ebook cover
Angel Meadow: Victorian Britain's Most Savage Slum ebook cover
Random Riches: Gambling Past & Present ebook cover
Disraeli: The Novel Politician ebook cover
Ebony and Scarlet: Poems of the Anglo-Zulu War ebook cover
Voices from the Peninsula ebook cover
Liberty or Death: The French Revolution ebook cover
The Middle East in Modern World History ebook cover
A History of Modern France ebook cover
Children's Games in the New Media Age: Childlore, Media and the Playground ebook cover