19th Century Ebooks

Fit Work for Women ebook cover
Freedom and Organisation, 1814-1914 ebook cover
Models of Democracy in Nordic and Baltic Europe: Political Institutions and Discourse ebook cover
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Authority in Crisis in French Literature, 1850-1880 ebook cover
Sudden Death: Medicine and Religion in Eighteenth-Century Rome ebook cover
Money Pits ebook cover
Police Courts in Nineteenth-Century Scotland, Volume 1: Magistrates, Media and the Masses ebook cover
Police Courts in Nineteenth-Century Scotland, Volume 2: Boundaries, Behaviours and Bodies ebook cover
Science, Utility and Maritime Power: Samuel Bentham in Russia, 1779-91 ebook cover
Religion and Society in the Diocese of St Davids 1485-2011 ebook cover
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A Crucible of Fire: The Battle of Lundy's Lane, July 25, 1814 ebook cover
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With Wellington's Outposts: The Peninsular and Waterloo Letters of John Vandeleur ebook cover
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Wellington's Men Remembered Volume 2 ebook cover
$43.00 $53.99
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Voices from the Past ebook cover
$16.25 $19.99
Geography, Technology and Instruments of Exploration ebook cover
Germany and 'The West': The History of a Modern Concept ebook cover
Making Way for Genius: The Irish Aristocracy in the Seventeenth Century ebook cover
The Secret Poisoner: A Century of Murder ebook cover
The Chimney of the World ebook cover
Disraeli: The Novel Politician ebook cover
Furniture-Makers and Consumers in England, 1754-1851: Design as Interaction ebook cover
Dress Culture in Late Victorian Women's Fiction: Literacy, Textiles, and Activism ebook cover
Pauper Capital: London and the Poor Law, 1790-1870 ebook cover
Enlightened Reform in Southern Europe and its Atlantic Colonies, c. 1750-1830 ebook cover