19th Century Ebooks

The Feminists ebook cover
Empire, Technology and Seapower: Royal Navy crisis in the age of Palmerston ebook cover
The Great Powers and the European States System 1814-1914 ebook cover
Europe 1850-1914: Progress, Participation and Apprehension ebook cover
Europe in the Nineteenth Century ebook cover
Kansas's War: The Civil War in Documents ebook cover
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Russian Eyewitness Accounts of the Campaign of 1807 ebook cover
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Lord Chelmsford and the Zulu War ebook cover
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Come Looking for Me: A Novel ebook cover
$6.70 $8.99
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The Pendulum of War: The Fight for Upper Canada, January-June1813 ebook cover
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Second Summer of War ebook cover
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Alsace to the Alsatians?: Visions and Divisions of Alsatian Regionalism, 1870-1939 ebook cover
Liberal Imperialism in Germany: Expansionism and Nationalism, 1848-1884 ebook cover
Sugarlandia Revisited: Sugar and Colonialism in Asia and the Americas, 1800-1940 ebook cover
Constructing Charisma: Celebrity, Fame, and Power in Nineteenth-Century Europe ebook cover
What Is History For?: Johann Gustav Droysen and the Functions of Historiography ebook cover
Popular Historiographies in the 19th and 20th Centuries ebook cover
The Bourgeois Revolution in France 1789-1815 ebook cover
A Belle Epoque?: Women and Feminism in French Society and Culture 1890-1914 ebook cover
Grtry's Operas and the French Public: From the Old Regime to the Restoration ebook cover
Engines of Truth: Producing Veracity in the Victorian Courtroom ebook cover
A History of Modern South Asia: Politics, States, Diasporas ebook cover
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Bombers, Rioters and Police Killers: Violent Crime and Disorder in Victorian Britain ebook cover
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The Victorian World ebook cover