19th Century Ebooks

Geronimo: His Own Story: The Autobiography of a Great Patriot Warrior ebook cover
American Notes ebook cover
Orphans Preferred: The Twisted Truth and Lasting Legend of the Pony Express ebook cover
Two Years Before the Mast ebook cover
The Fate of Their Country ebook cover
Sam Patch, the Famous Jumper ebook cover
In Search of the Racial Frontier: African Americans in the American West 1528-1990 ebook cover
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The Oregon Trail ebook cover
$3.21 $3.99
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Encyclopedia of Western Lawmen & Outlaws ebook cover
$28.10 $34.99
1831: Year of Eclipse ebook cover
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates: The First Complete, Unexpurgated Text ebook cover
Masterful Women: Slaveholding Widows from the American Revolution through the Civil War ebook cover
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Murder in Tombstone: The Forgotten Trial of Wyatt Earp ebook cover
$27.10 $32.00
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Domestic Manners of the Americans ebook cover
$4.99 $6.99
Domestic Manners of the Americans ebook cover
$2.70 $2.99
The Artificial River: The Erie Canal and the Paradox of Progress, 1817-1862 ebook cover
William Clark and the Shaping of the West ebook cover
Before Lewis and Clark ebook cover
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The Frontier in American History ebook cover
$4.32 $5.99
American Nightmare: The History of Jim Crow ebook cover
Jefferson's Great Gamble ebook cover
$11.65 $12.99
The American West. Visions and Revisions ebook cover
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National Park Ranger: An American Icon ebook cover
$8.05 $9.99
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Listening and Longing: Music Lovers in the Age of Barnum ebook cover
$16.25 $19.99