19th Century Ebooks

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Incarcerated Women ebook cover
$62.95 $85.00
The Rough Riders ebook cover
Self-Evident Truths: Contesting Equal Rights from the Revolution to the Civil War ebook cover
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John Hay, Friend of Giants ebook cover
$20.55 $26.99
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Yellowstone and the Smithsonian: Centers of Wildlife Conservation ebook cover
$14.50 $19.95
The Shaker's Guide to Good Manners ebook cover
John James Audubon: The Nature of the American Woodsman ebook cover
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Electing the House ebook cover
$18.00 $24.95
James Fenimore Cooper: The Later Years ebook cover
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Two against Lincoln ebook cover
$24.95 $34.95
Food on the Page: Cookbooks and American Culture ebook cover
Borderlands of Slavery: The Struggle over Captivity and Peonage in the American Southwest ebook cover
Mountain Man ebook cover
Forty-Niner ebook cover
AB-Sa-Ra-Ka Land of Massacre ebook cover
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American Renaissance: Art and Expression in the Age of Emerson and Whitman ebook cover
$7.80 $9.99
McGraw-Hill's 500 U.S. History Questions, Volume 2 ebook cover
$15.10 $17.00
A Fortunate Passage ebook cover
The Treason Trial of Aaron Burr ebook cover
The Republic in Crisis, 1848-1861 ebook cover
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Hacks, Sycophants, Adventurers, and Heroes: Madison's Commanders in the War of 1812 ebook cover
$14.05 $16.99
Wedding of the Waters: The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation ebook cover
Men of Color to Arms!: Black Soldiers, Indian Wars, and the Quest for Equality ebook cover
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Unburdened by Conscience ebook cover
$22.05 $26.99