20th Century Ebooks

The Shaykh of Shaykhs: Mithqal al-Fayiz and Tribal Leadership in Modern Jordan ebook cover
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Ruptures in the Everyday: Views of Modern Germany from the Ground ebook cover
The Tombstone in Israel's Military Cemetery since 1948 ebook cover
Abraham Shlonsky: An Introduction to His Poetry ebook cover
Catastrophes: A History and Theory of an Operative Concept ebook cover
A Physician's Tour in Soviet Russia ebook cover
Russia To-Day: What Can We Learn From It? ebook cover
Bolshevism in Perspective ebook cover
Archaeology Behind the Battle Lines: The Macedonian Campaign (1915-19) and its Legacy ebook cover
Reflections on the Revolution of Our Time ebook cover
Egypt on the Brink: From Nasser to the Muslim Brotherhood, Revised and Updated ebook cover
Postcolonial Conflict and the Question of Genocide: The Nigeria-Biafra War, 1967-1970 ebook cover
The Challenge of Bolshevism: A New Social Deal ebook cover
Russia in Transition: A Business Man's Appraisal ebook cover
Russia Under Soviet Role: Twenty Years of Bolshevik Experiment ebook cover
Russian Minds in Fetters ebook cover
Our Soviet Ally: Essays ebook cover
War and Warfare since 1945 ebook cover
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Japan's Siberian Intervention, 1918-1922: 'A Great Disobedience Against the People' ebook cover
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Local History and War Memories in Hokkaido ebook cover
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Sean Lester: The Guardian of a Small Flickering Light ebook cover
$23.50 $30.99
New Russia ebook cover
Bolshevist Russia ebook cover
Russia Unveiled ebook cover