20th Century Ebooks

The Mind of the Nation: <i>V¶lkerpsychologie</i> in Germany, 1851-1955 ebook cover
Final Sale in Berlin: The Destruction of Jewish Commercial Activity, 1930-1945 ebook cover
Germans Against Nazism ebook cover
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A House Divided ebook cover
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Italian Women at War: Sisters in Arms from the Unification to the Twentieth Century ebook cover
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The Art of Survival: France and the Great War Picaresque ebook cover
Contact! ebook cover
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Historical Archives and the Historians' Commission to Investigate the Armenian Events of 1915 ebook cover
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The Devil's Wheels: Men and Motorcycling in the Weimar Republic ebook cover
Wartime Captivity in the 20th Century: Archives, Stories, Memories ebook cover
A History of the Mediterranean Air War, 1940-1945. Volume 3 ebook cover
Harrier Boys. Volume 2: New Technology, New Threats, New Tactics, 1990-2010 ebook cover
Science and Conscience: The Life of James Franck ebook cover
Barricades and Banners: The Revolution of 1905 and the Transformation of Warsaw Jewry ebook cover
Conspiracy Theories in the United States and the Middle East: A Comparative Approach ebook cover
Building Europe: A History of European Unification ebook cover
Tanks: A Century of Tank Warfare ebook cover
Sharpshooters: Marksmen through the Ages ebook cover
A Tough Nut to Crack - Andersonstown ebook cover
Dien Bien Phu ebook cover
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I Really Didn't Want to Become a Doctor ebook cover
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A Hard and Bitter Peace: A Global History of the Cold War ebook cover
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The Reinvention of Britain 1960-2016: A Political and Economic History ebook cover
History and Sociology in France: From Scientific History to the Durkheimian School ebook cover