20th Century Ebooks

A World at Total War ebook cover
The Social Construction of Diversity ebook cover
Quarterly Essay 2 Appeasing Jakarta: Australia's Complicity in the East Timor Tragedy ebook cover
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The Great War: An Imperial History ebook cover
The Imaginary Revolution: Parisian Students and Workers in 1968 ebook cover
I Always Wanted to Fly ebook cover
The Air Show at Brescia, 1909 ebook cover
Dictatorship as Experience: Towards a Socio-Cultural History of the GDR ebook cover
Us Foreign Policy Since 1945 ebook cover
Critical Junctions: Anthropology and History beyond the Cultural Turn ebook cover
Heroin Century ebook cover
Rethinking Vienna 1900 ebook cover
In God's Name: Genocide and Religion in the Twentieth Century ebook cover
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Remembering War: The Great War Between Memory and History in the 20th Century ebook cover
$29.55 $35.00
The Last Poems of D.H. Lawrence: Shaping a Late Style ebook cover
The Poles in Britain, 1940-2000 ebook cover
Thatcher and Thatcherism ebook cover
The Origins of the Russian Revolution, 1861-1917 ebook cover
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The Twins Platoon: An Epic Story of Young Marines at War in Vietnam ebook cover
$20.20 $24.95
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Poison in the Well: Radioactive Waste in the Oceans at the Dawn of the Nuclear Age ebook cover
$33.40 $45.00
Remaking France: Americanization, Public Diplomacy, and the Marshall Plan ebook cover
Death of the Father: An Anthropology of the End in Political Authority ebook cover
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Stardust and Shadows: Canadians in Early Hollywood ebook cover
$8.05 $9.99