20th Century Ebooks

Strike Action and Nation Building: Labor Unrest in Palestine/Israel, 1899-1951 ebook cover
Nationalism and the Cinema in France: Political Mythologies and Film Events, 1945-1995 ebook cover
A Full Life by Jimmy Carter | Summary & Analysis: Reflections at Ninety ebook cover
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Different White People: Radical Activism for Aboriginal Rights 1946-1972 ebook cover
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World War II: A Short History ebook cover
The Transition to Socialism in China (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
Hitler's Compromises: Coercion and Consensus in Nazi Germany ebook cover
The Fuzileiros: Portuguese Marines in Africa, 1961-1974 ebook cover
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Memories of the Spanish Civil War: Conflict and Community in Rural Spain ebook cover
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Tango: Creation of a Cultural Icon ebook cover
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With Christ in Prison ebook cover
Pedro Paez's History of Ethiopia, 1622: Volumes I-II ebook cover
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Japan's Siberian Intervention, 1918-1922: 'A Great Disobedience Against the People' ebook cover
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The 1966 World Cup Final: Minute by Minute ebook cover
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Sean Lester: The Guardian of a Small Flickering Light ebook cover
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Charles de Gaulle's Legacy of Ideas ebook cover
$32.05 $39.99
The Memory of the Argentina Disappearances: The Political History of Nunca Mas ebook cover
China and the World Since 1945: An International History ebook cover
McGraw-Hill's 500 World History Questions, Volume 2 ebook cover
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Contesting Colonial Authority ebook cover
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Higher Education for African Americans before the Civil Rights Era, 1900-1964 ebook cover
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'Only Nixon': His Trip to China Revisited and Restudied ebook cover
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The Diary of Samuel Golfard and the Holocaust in Galicia ebook cover
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Armistice 1918 ebook cover
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