20th Century Ebooks

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Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War: The End of the American Century ebook cover
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World War II and Mexican American Civil Rights ebook cover
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Chief Executive to Chief Justice: Taft betwixt the White House and Supreme Court ebook cover
$24.65 $31.99
Debating the American State: Liberal Anxieties and the New Leviathan, 1930-1970 ebook cover
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A Visit to Haldeman and Other States of Mind ebook cover
$8.40 $9.99
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The Ohio Gang: The World of Warren G. Harding ebook cover
$8.40 $9.99
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Lee Harvey Oswald as I Knew Him ebook cover
$21.65 $27.99
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Doughboys on the Great War: How American Soldiers Viewed Their Military Experience ebook cover
$12.55 $15.99
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White Robes, Silver Screens: Movies and the Making of the Ku Klux Klan ebook cover
$7.55 $9.99
American Justice in Taiwan: The 1957 Riots and Cold War Foreign Policy ebook cover
$39.35 $45.00
Enemies to Allies: Cold War Germany and American Memory ebook cover
$39.35 $45.00
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Letters from Langston: From the Harlem Renaissance to the Red Scare and Beyond ebook cover
$24.60 $29.95
Republic of Spin: An Inside History of the American Presidency ebook cover
Postcard America: Curt Teich and the Imaging of a Nation, 1931-1950 ebook cover
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Education for Empire: American Schools, Race, and the Paths of Good Citizenship ebook cover
$24.60 $29.95
The Golden Lad: The Haunting Story of Quentin and Theodore Roosevelt ebook cover
A Puget Sound Odyssey: Growing Up in Rural Washington During The Depression ebook cover
$5.23 $5.99
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Unlikely Environmentalists: Congress and Clean Water, 1955-1972 ebook cover
$18.00 $24.95
Harlem: People, Power and Politics 1900-1950 ebook cover
Mississippi Notebook: Freedom Summer June-August 1964 ebook cover
$4.49 $4.95
Foreign Policy at the Periphery ebook cover
Faith in Black Power: Religion, Race, and Resistance in Cairo, Illinois ebook cover
$39.35 $45.00
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Seven Stars in the Window ebook cover
$8.90 $10.99
Hell No: The Forgotten Power of the Vietnam Peace Movement ebook cover