20th Century Ebooks

Jazz Diplomacy ebook cover
$46.55 $50.00
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Historical Dictionary of the Progressive Era ebook cover
$141.05 $179.99
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Speaking of Jews: Rabbis, Intellectuals, and the Creation of an American Public Identity ebook cover
$22.20 $26.95
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Brent Scowcroft: Internationalism and Post-Vietnam War American Foreign Policy ebook cover
$37.20 $45.99
Between Two Worlds Vol.III ebook cover
After the Dream: Black and White Southerners Since 1965 ebook cover
$37.35 $40.00
Voices from the Peace Corps: Fifty Years of Kentucky Volunteers ebook cover
$32.75 $35.00
Sent to Hell from Ann Arbor: A College Student's World War One ebook cover
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REAGAN: What Was He Really Like? ebook cover
$8.40 $9.99
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Wings of Denial: The Alabama Air National Guard's Covert Role at the Bay of Pigs ebook cover
$7.80 $9.99
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A White Preacher's Message on Race and Reconciliation ebook cover
$7.80 $9.99
Freedom to Offend: How New York Remade Movie Culture ebook cover
The Origins of the American-Israeli Alliance: The Jordanian Factor ebook cover
Slavery, Propaganda, and the American Revolution ebook cover
$23.55 $25.00
Anatomy of Four Race Riots ebook cover
$23.55 $25.00
Negative Intelligence ebook cover
$23.55 $25.00
In Search of Sacco and Vanzetti ebook cover
$17.00 $18.99
Globalizing Human Rights ebook cover
Consuming Pleasures: Intellectuals and Popular Culture in the Postwar World ebook cover
Astounding Wonder: Imagining Science and Science Fiction in Interwar America ebook cover
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J.P. Morgan and the Transportation Kings: The Titanic and Other Disasters ebook cover
$37.20 $45.99
Taking on the Trust: How Ida Tarbell Brought Down John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil ebook cover
Standing at Armageddon: A Grassroots History of the Progressive Era ebook cover
Supreme Power: Franklin Roosevelt vs. the Supreme Court ebook cover