20th Century Ebooks

The Debt-Deflation Theory of Great Depressions ebook cover
Administrative Implementation of Civil Rights ebook cover
The Road to OPEC: United States Relations with Venezuela, 1919-1976 ebook cover
The Promise of Wilderness: American Environmental Politics since 1964 ebook cover
Spectacle in "Classical" Cinemas: Musicality and Historicity in the 1930s ebook cover
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This Is Not Dixie: Racist Violence in Kansas, 1861-1927 ebook cover
$23.15 $30.00
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Pivotal Tuesdays: Four Elections That Shaped the Twentieth Century ebook cover
$20.45 $24.95
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Red Scare Racism and Cold War Black Radicalism ebook cover
$48.45 $65.00
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Emmett Till: The Murder That Shocked the World and Propelled the Civil Rights Movement ebook cover
$10.05 $12.00
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Discovery: The Story of the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition ebook cover
$18.35 $23.99
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Exploring with Byrd: Episodes of an Adventurous Life ebook cover
$18.35 $23.99
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Little America: Aerial Exploration in the Antarctic, The Flight to the South Pole ebook cover
$18.35 $23.99
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Skyward: Man's Mastery of the Air ebook cover
$19.10 $24.99
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Transforming the University of Kansas: A History, 1965-2015 ebook cover
$24.95 $34.95
Journey Through America ebook cover
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The Making of a Paratrooper: Airborne Training and Combat in World War II ebook cover
$14.50 $19.95
Solidarity Stories: An Oral History of the ILWU ebook cover
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Keep On Keeping On ebook cover
$31.90 $45.00
McKinley's Ghost & The Little Tin Truck ebook cover
Louis Bamberger: Department Store Innovator and Philanthropist ebook cover
$22.20 $24.99
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Caring for Red: A Daughter's Memoir ebook cover
$7.55 $9.99
Messengers of the Right: Conservative Media and the Transformation of American Politics ebook cover
Madness in Cold War America: Mad America ebook cover
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Herbert Hoover and the Commodification of Middle-Class America: An American Promise ebook cover
$70.15 $95.00