Acoustics & Sound Ebooks

Ultrasonic Measurement Methods ebook cover
Surface Polaritons ebook cover
Noise in Physical Systems and 1/f Noise - 1985 ebook cover
Understanding Sonoluminescence ebook cover
High Frequency and Pulse Scattering: Physical Acoustics ebook cover
Sound-Power Flow: A Practitioner's Handbook for Sound Intensity ebook cover
Applied Underwater Acoustics: Leif Bj¸rn¸ ebook cover
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How Fast Is the Speed of Light? | Children's Physics of Energy ebook cover
Hands-On Learning Drills for Sounds - Science Experiments for Kids | Children's Science Education books ebook cover
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Sound in Cinema ebook cover
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The Multisensory Film Experience: A cognitive model of experiential film aesthetics ebook cover
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Atmospheric Acoustics ebook cover
Sonochemistry and the Acoustic Bubble ebook cover
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Voices of the Wild: Animal Songs, Human Din, and the Call to Save Natural Soundscapes ebook cover
Mathematical Modeling in Diffraction Theory ebook cover
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Introduction to Live Sound Reinforcement - The Science, the Art, and the Practice ebook cover
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Elastic Wave Field Extrapolation: Redatuming of Single- and Multi-Component Seismic Data ebook cover
Tables of the Velocity of Sound in Sea Water: Mathematical Tables Series ebook cover
Ultrasonic Measurements for Process Control: Theory, Techniques, Applications ebook cover
Marine Mammals and Noise ebook cover
Ultrasonics International 87: Conference Proceedings ebook cover
Ultrasonics International 83: Conference Proceedings ebook cover
Ultrasonic Physics ebook cover
Low and High Frequency Asymptotics: Acoustic, Electromagnetic and Elastic Wave Scattering ebook cover