Adaptive Reuse & Renovation Ebooks

Working Drawings Handbook ebook cover
SynergiCity: Reinventing the Postindustrial City ebook cover
$23.55 $30.00
Nuclear Disasters & The Built Environment ebook cover
Retired, Rehabbed, Reborn ebook cover
$28.65 $37.99
The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit ebook cover
Dear Homeowner, Please Take My Advice. Sincerely, An Architect ebook cover
$6.80 $7.99
Transitions: Concepts + Drawings + Buildings ebook cover
Architectures of Chance ebook cover
Furniture, Structure, Infrastructure: Making and Using the Urban Environment ebook cover
Baltimore: Reinventing an Industrial Legacy City ebook cover
Automation Based Creative Design - Research and Perspectives ebook cover
The Architectural Capriccio: Memory, Fantasy and Invention ebook cover
On Frank Lloyd Wright's Concrete Adobe ebook cover
Exhibitions and the Development of Modern Planning Culture ebook cover
Demolishing Whitehall: Leslie Martin, Harold Wilson and the Architecture of White Heat ebook cover
Utopian Adventure: The Corviale Void ebook cover
Architecture and Justice: Judicial Meanings in the Public Realm ebook cover
Architecture and Urban Form in Kuala Lumpur ebook cover
The Collaborators: Interactions in the Architectural Design Process ebook cover
Beyond Anitkabir ebook cover
Landscapes of Mobility: Culture, Politics, and Placemaking ebook cover
The Architecture of Pleasure: British Amusement Parks 1900-1939 ebook cover
Demystifying Doha: On Architecture and Urbanism in an Emerging City ebook cover
Spatial Design Education: New Directions for Pedagogy in Architecture and Beyond ebook cover