Administration Ebooks

Effective People: Leadership and Organisation Development in Healthcare, Second Edition ebook cover
A Guide to the NHS ebook cover
Religions, Culture and Healthcare ebook cover
Clinical Responsibility ebook cover
Speaking Truth to Power: Two Decades of Analysis in the Department of Health ebook cover
Developing a Narrative Approach to Healthcare Research ebook cover
The Secret History of a Woman Patient ebook cover
How to Succeed as a Leader ebook cover
Essential Skills for Managing in Healthcare ebook cover
Public Trust in Medical Research?: Ethics, Law and Accountability ebook cover
Concordance in Medical Consultations: A Critical Review ebook cover
ABC of Change for Doctors ebook cover
Rationing Medical Care on the Basis of Age: The Moral Dimensions ebook cover
Physicians as Leaders: Who, How, and Why Now? ebook cover
Violence and Aggression in the Workplace: A Practical Guide for All Healthcare Staff ebook cover
Better Physician Writing and Speaking Skills ebook cover
Integrating Complementary and Conventional Medicine ebook cover
The Right Therapy for Neurological Disorders: From Randomized Trials to Clinical Practice ebook cover
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Why Are We Conscious?: A Scientist's Take on Consciousness and Extrasensory Perception ebook cover
Teamwork in Medical Rehabilitation ebook cover
Preparing for International Health Experiences: A Practical Guide ebook cover
Medical Leadership ebook cover
PROPEL to Quality Healthcare ebook cover
Information Technology in Medical Diagnostics ebook cover