Aesthetics Ebooks

The Total Work of Art: Foundations, Articulations, Inspirations ebook cover
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The Value of Literature ebook cover
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The Much-at-Once: Music, Science, Ecstasy, the Body ebook cover
Receptive Spirit: German Idealism and the Dynamics of Cultural Transmission ebook cover
Aesthetics of Negativity: Blanchot, Adorno, and Autonomy ebook cover
Dissonance: Auditory Aesthetics in Ancient Greece ebook cover
The Work of Difference: Modernism, Romanticism, and the Production of Literary Form ebook cover
Think, Pig!: Beckett at the Limit of the Human ebook cover
The Common Growl: Toward a Poetics of Precarious Community ebook cover
Constellations of a Contemporary Romanticism ebook cover
A Critical History of Modern Aesthetics ebook cover
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Cartographies of the Absolute ebook cover
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Aesthetics as Phenomenology: The Appearance of Things ebook cover
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Aquinas on Beauty ebook cover
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Santayana the Philosopher: Philosophy as a Form of Life ebook cover
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Play and Participation in Contemporary Arts Practices ebook cover
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Mapping and Charting in Early Modern England and France: Power, Patronage, and Production ebook cover
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Time, Memory, Institution: Merleau-Ponty's New Ontology of Self ebook cover
Performance and Phenomenology: Traditions and Transformations ebook cover
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Media After Kittler ebook cover
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Art's Philosophical Work ebook cover
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The Indispensable Excess of the Aesthetic: Evolution of Sensibility in Nature ebook cover
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Counsels and Maxims: The Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer ebook cover
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The Negritude Movement ebook cover
$45.90 $56.99