African American Ebooks

His Promised Land ebook cover
Ties That Bind: The Story of an Afro-Cherokee Family in Slavery and Freedom ebook cover
$26.30 $29.95
Clark: The Autobiography of Clark Terry ebook cover
$23.70 $26.95
Louis Armstrong: The Soundtrack of the American Experience ebook cover
$16.45 $19.99
Black against Empire: The History and Politics of the Black Panther Party ebook cover
$23.00 $27.95
A Working People: A History of African American Workers Since Emancipation ebook cover
$20.05 $24.50
W. E. B. Du Bois: An American Intellectual and Activist ebook cover
$18.00 $23.50
Swingin' on Central Avenue: African American Jazz in Los Angeles ebook cover
$25.00 $33.00
Ted Strong Jr. ebook cover
$27.20 $36.00
Before the Fires ebook cover
Long Road to Hard Truth ebook cover
$5.06 $5.99
African-American Athletes in Arkansas ebook cover
$16.45 $19.99
Black Madonna: A Womanist Look at Mary of Nazareth ebook cover
$16.45 $20.00
Robeson: An American Ballad ebook cover
$22.45 $27.50
Black Women of the Harlem Renaissance Era ebook cover
$21.65 $26.50
A Forgotten Sisterhood ebook cover
$15.65 $19.00
Paying Freedom's Price: A History of African Americans in the Civil War ebook cover
$18.00 $23.50
For Their Own Cause: The 27th United States Colored Troops ebook cover
$24.25 $31.99
From the Kingdom of Kongo to Congo Square ebook cover
$8.10 $9.99
Claiming Freedom: Race, Kinship, and Land in Nineteenth-Century Georgia ebook cover
$28.40 $39.99
Class of Hope and Change: A Walk with Millennials ebook cover
$6.00 $6.99
Killing King ebook cover
$21.25 $25.99
The Great Stain: Witnessing American Slavery ebook cover
Undercurrents of Power: Aquatic Culture in the African Diaspora ebook cover