Agriculture & Food Ebooks

Table Talk: Building Democracy One Meal at a Time ebook cover
$16.30 $22.50
Food Science, Production, and Engineering in Contemporary Economies ebook cover
Innovations in Achieving Sustainable Food Security in Eastern and Southern Africa ebook cover
$29.10 $33.00
Project Animal Farm ebook cover
Renaissance Food from Rabelais to Shakespeare: Culinary Readings and Culinary Histories ebook cover
The Vandana Shiva Reader ebook cover
Midwest Maize: How Corn Shaped the U.S. Heartland ebook cover
$14.25 $17.95
Food at Sea: Shipboard Cuisine from Ancient to Modern Times ebook cover
$19.25 $23.50
Food in the Air and Space: The Surprising History of Food and Drink in the Skies ebook cover
$19.25 $23.50
Human Rights and the Food Sovereignty Movement: Reclaiming control ebook cover
Food Sovereignty in International Context: Discourse, politics and practice of place ebook cover
Food Utopias: Reimagining citizenship, ethics and community ebook cover
A Diet of Austerity: Class, Food and Climate Change ebook cover
$8.40 $9.99
Global Food Security Governance ebook cover
The Land of Milk and Uncle Honey: Memories from the Farm of My Youth ebook cover
$12.90 $16.16
Racial Spoils from Native Soils ebook cover
$63.65 $79.50
Supermarket Monsters: The Price of Coles and Woolworths' Dominance ebook cover
The New Bread Basket ebook cover
$14.80 $17.95
Maize for the Gods: Unearthing the 9,000-Year History of Corn ebook cover
$26.30 $29.95
Re-orienting Cuisine: East Asian Foodways in the Twenty-First Century ebook cover
Drinking: Anthropological Approaches ebook cover
At the Chef's Table: Culinary Creativity in Elite Restaurants ebook cover
Recipes for Cooking Light: Comfort Foods and Dieting Cookbook ebook cover
$3.77 $3.99
Food History Almanac ebook cover
$174.80 $225.00