Algorithms Ebooks

R: Data Analysis and Visualization ebook cover
Simulation for Data Science with R ebook cover
Java Deep Learning Essentials ebook cover
Problem Solving: Methods, Programming and Future Concepts ebook cover
iOS Programming: Starter Guide: What Every Programmer Needs to Know About iOS Programming ebook cover
Budget Constraints and Optimization in Sponsored Search Auctions ebook cover
Distributed Computing Through Combinatorial Topology ebook cover
The Story of the Night: Studies in Shakespeare's Major Tragedies ebook cover
Short Economic History of Modern Japan ebook cover
Foundations of Genetic Algorithms 1995 (FOGA 3) ebook cover
Test-Driven Machine Learning ebook cover
Graphs, Algorithms, and Optimization, Second Edition ebook cover
R Data Structures and Algorithms ebook cover
Nature-inspired Methods in Chemometrics ebook cover
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Bandit Algorithms for Website Optimization ebook cover
$14.25 $15.99
WCF 4.5 Multi-Layer Services Development with Entity Framework ebook cover
Household Service Robotics ebook cover
Scala for Machine Learning ebook cover
Automating Open Source Intelligence: Algorithms for OSINT ebook cover
A Primer on Compression in the Memory Hierarchy ebook cover
Apache Oozie Essentials ebook cover
Practical Machine Learning with H2O ebook cover
$29.95 $33.99
Principles of Data Science ebook cover
Data Structures & Algorithms Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked ebook cover
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