Analytic Ebooks

Practical Capillary Electrophoresis ebook cover
Adaption of Simulated Annealing to Chemical Optimization Problems ebook cover
The Data Analysis Handbook ebook cover
Optical Biosensors: Today and Tomorrow ebook cover
$200.95 $215.00
Antibiotics: Isolation, Separation and Purification ebook cover
$289.65 $305.00
Handbook of Vacuum Arc Science & Technology: Fundamentals and Applications ebook cover
$191.95 $205.00
Inorganic Chemistry ebook cover
Separation, Preconcentration and Spectrophotometry in Inorganic Analysis ebook cover
$328.65 $355.00
Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry: Practices and Techniques ebook cover
The Science of Chromatography ebook cover
Microwave-assisted Organic Synthesis: One Hundred Reaction Procedures ebook cover
High Density Plasma Sources: Design, Physics and Performance ebook cover
$187.45 $200.00
Interfacial Separation of Particles ebook cover
$337.05 $355.00
Quality Assurance for Environmental Analysis ebook cover
$430.35 $465.00
Advances in Atomic Spectroscopy ebook cover
$129.15 $136.00
Advances in Agronomy ebook cover
Modern Density Functional Theory: A Tool For Chemistry ebook cover
$361.00 $390.00
Electrochemistry for Materials Science ebook cover
$182.95 $195.00
Science of Ceramic Interfaces II ebook cover
Solving Problems with NMR Spectroscopy ebook cover
Analytical Artifacts: GC, MS, HPLC, TLC and PC ebook cover
Atomic Absorption Spectrometry ebook cover
Trace Elements in Soils ebook cover
Microprocessor Programming and Applications for Scientists and Engineers ebook cover