Analytic Ebooks

Advances in Planar Lipid Bilayers and Liposomes ebook cover
$209.10 $221.00
Liquid Membranes ebook cover
$167.40 $180.00
Comprehensive Chemometrics: Chemical and Biochemical Data Analysis ebook cover
$3,201.90 $3,435.00
Electrochemistry for Materials Science ebook cover
$180.80 $195.00
18th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering ebook cover
$595.70 $655.00
Alkene Polymerization Reactions with Transition Metal Catalysts ebook cover
$238.05 $260.00
NMR Spectroscopy in Pharmaceutical Analysis ebook cover
$118.45 $126.00
Food Contaminants and Residue Analysis ebook cover
$332.20 $365.00
Fluorine and Health: Molecular Imaging, Biomedical Materials and Pharmaceuticals ebook cover
$395.80 $435.00
State Estimation in Chemometrics: The Kalman Filter and Beyond ebook cover
$92.65 $97.95
Analysis of Pesticides in Food and Environmental Samples ebook cover
$189.95 $199.95
High-Throughput Analysis in the Pharmaceutical Industry ebook cover
$199.05 $209.95
Annual Reports on NMR Spectroscopy ebook cover
$257.50 $275.00
Passive Sampling Techniques in Environmental Monitoring ebook cover
$246.75 $270.00
Nano Biophotonics: Science and Technology ebook cover
$220.60 $240.00
UV-visible Spectrophotometry of Water and Wastewater ebook cover
$304.95 $335.00
Practical Data Analysis in Chemistry ebook cover
$176.35 $190.00
Radioactivity: Introduction and History ebook cover
$114.80 $122.00
Analytical Applications of Ultrasound ebook cover
$259.70 $285.00
Food Toxicants Analysis: Techniques, Strategies and Developments ebook cover
$229.35 $250.00
Handbook of Microdialysis: Methods, Applications and Perspectives ebook cover
$171.85 $185.00
17th European Symposium on Computed Aided Process Engineering ebook cover
$545.75 $600.00
Artificial Cells, Cell Engineering and Therapy ebook cover
$264.05 $290.00
Microwave-assisted Organic Synthesis: One Hundred Reaction Procedures ebook cover