Ancient And Classical Ebooks

The Names of Homeric Heroes: Problems and Interpretations ebook cover
The Antiatticist: Introduction and Critical Edition ebook cover
The Art of History: Literary Perspectives on Greek and Roman Historiography ebook cover
Philodemus on Rhetoric Books 1 and 2: Translation and Exegetical Essays ebook cover
From Alexander to Jesus ebook cover
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Radical Pedagogies of Socrates and Freire ebook cover
Introduction to the Bible ebook cover
Women Writing Latin ebook cover
Women Writing Latin: Medieval Modern Women Writing Latin ebook cover
Lucian and His Roman Voices: Cultural Exchanges and Conflicts in the Late Roman Empire ebook cover
The Sea in the Greek Imagination ebook cover
The Author in Middle Byzantine Literature: Modes, Functions, and Identities ebook cover
Pseudo-Euripides, "Rhesus": Edited with Introduction and Commentary ebook cover
Plautine Trends: Studies in Plautine Comedy and its Reception ebook cover
Dialect, Diction, and Style in Greek Literary and Inscribed Epigram ebook cover
Reading Roman Declamation: The Declamations Ascribed to Quintilian ebook cover
From Agent to Spectator: Witnessing the Aftermath in Ancient Greek Epic and Tragedy ebook cover
The Comparative Perspective ebook cover
Case Studies ebook cover
Wisdom and Folly in Euripides ebook cover
Roman Drama and its Contexts ebook cover
T. Calpurnius Siculus: A Pastoral Poet in Neronian Rome ebook cover
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Hold Fast the Mountain Pass ebook cover
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The Political Biographies of Cornelius Nepos ebook cover