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On Generation and Corruption: With linked Table of Contents ebook cover
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Man and the Word: The Orations of Himerius ebook cover
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Book 1 of Plato's Republic: A Word by Word Guide to Translation (Vol. 1: Chapters 1-12) ebook cover
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The Role of Exaphnes in Early Greek Literature ebook cover
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Socrates' Request and the Educational Narrative of the Timaeus ebook cover
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Advances in Child Development and Behavior ebook cover
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The Philosopher's Song: The Poets' Influence on Plato ebook cover
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Plato's 'Republic' ebook cover
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Plato versus Parmenides: The Debate over Coming-into-Being in Greek Philosophy ebook cover
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Greek Rhetoric Before Aristotle: Revised and Expanded Edition ebook cover
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Becoming Achilles: Child-sacrifice, War, and Misrule in the lliad and Beyond ebook cover
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Sophistical Rhetoric in Classical Greece ebook cover
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The Role Ethics of Epictetus: Stoicism in Ordinary Life ebook cover
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Passions and Moral Progress in Greco-Roman Thought ebook cover
The Greek Philosophers: from Thales to Aristotle ebook cover
Doing Greek Philosophy ebook cover
The Open Society and its Enemies ebook cover
From Aristotle to Augustine: Routledge History of Philosophy Volume 2 ebook cover
Plato's Theory of Knowledge ebook cover
The World of Parmenides: Essays on the Presocratic Enlightenment ebook cover
Leonardo, Descartes, Max Weber (Routledge Revivals): Three Essays ebook cover
Introducing Greek Philosophy ebook cover
Epicureanism ebook cover
A Plato Primer ebook cover