Applied Ebooks

Strong Approximations in Probability and Statistics ebook cover
Probabilistic Programming ebook cover
Probability Inequalities in Multivariate Distributions ebook cover
Multivariate Statistical Inference ebook cover
Probability Algebras and Stochastic Spaces ebook cover
Lattice Path Counting and Applications ebook cover
Martingale Limit Theory and Its Application ebook cover
Nonparametric Functional Estimation ebook cover
Real Analysis and Probability ebook cover
Stochastic Integration ebook cover
Stochastic Convergence ebook cover
Image Processing and Mathematical Morphology: Fundamentals and Applications ebook cover
Risk Neutral Pricing and Financial Mathematics: A Primer ebook cover
The Numerical Method of Lines: Integration of Partial Differential Equations ebook cover
Frequency Analysis of Vibration Energy Harvesting Systems ebook cover
The Method of the Generalised Eikonal: New Approaches in the Diffraction Theory ebook cover
Stochastic Finance: An Introduction in Discrete Time ebook cover
Quadratic Programming with Computer Programs ebook cover
Iterative Methods and Their Dynamics with Applications: A Contemporary Study ebook cover
Graphs, Matrices, and Designs ebook cover
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Block Method for Solving the Laplace Equation and for Constructing Conformal Mappings ebook cover
Revival: Fractals in Soil Science (1998): Advances in Soil Science ebook cover
The Natural Law of Cycles: Governing the Mobile Symmetries of Animals and Machines ebook cover
Scaling: A Sourcebook for Behavioral Scientists ebook cover