Applied Ebooks

The Limits of Resolution ebook cover
A Historical Introduction to Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases ebook cover
Mathematical Models for Neglected Tropical Diseases ebook cover
Inside Finite Elements ebook cover
Rock Anisotropy, Fracture and Earthquake Assessment ebook cover
Stochastic Finance: An Introduction in Discrete Time ebook cover
Graphs for Pattern Recognition: Infeasible Systems of Linear Inequalities ebook cover
Bio-Inspired Computation in Telecommunications ebook cover
Differential Quadrature and Differential Quadrature Based Element Methods ebook cover
A Guide to Microsoft Excel 2013 for Scientists and Engineers ebook cover
Mathematical Models for Neglected Tropical Diseases ebook cover
Introduction to Actuarial and Financial Mathematical Methods ebook cover
Uncertainty Quantification and Stochastic Modeling with Matlab ebook cover
$173.90 $185.00
Computational Fluid Dynamics: Principles and Applications ebook cover
$142.00 $150.00
Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Methods for Modern Biology ebook cover
Risk Neutral Pricing and Financial Mathematics: A Primer ebook cover
Beautiful, Simple, Exact, Crazy: Mathematics in the Real World ebook cover
Big Data Analytics ebook cover
$232.05 $250.00
Biostatistics for Medical and Biomedical Practitioners ebook cover
Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer at Bodies of Different Shapes: Numerical Solutions ebook cover
Derivative with a New Parameter: Theory, Methods and Applications ebook cover
Differential Equations: Theory,Technique and Practice with Boundary Value Problems ebook cover
Fundamentals of Technical Mathematics ebook cover
Decomposition Analysis Method in Linear and Nonlinear Differential Equations ebook cover