Applied Ebooks

Polarized Light and the Mueller Matrix Approach ebook cover
Cybersecurity and Applied Mathematics ebook cover
Handbook of Applications of Chaos Theory ebook cover
Delay Differential Evolutions Subjected to Nonlocal Initial Conditions ebook cover
Adaptive Processes in Economic Systems ebook cover
Advanced Topics in the Theory of Dynamical Systems ebook cover
Group Representations ebook cover
Scattering Theory: Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 26 ebook cover
Mathematical Biology: A Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Molecular Science ebook cover
Semihypergroup Theory ebook cover
The Fundamentals of Analysis for Talented Freshmen ebook cover
Machine Learning: Algorithms and Applications ebook cover
Finite Element Methods for Eigenvalue Problems ebook cover
Theory and Computation of Tensors: Multi-Dimensional Arrays ebook cover
Frequency Analysis of Vibration Energy Harvesting Systems ebook cover
Analytical Methods for Kolmogorov Equations, Second Edition ebook cover
Bio-Inspired Computation in Telecommunications ebook cover
Differential Quadrature and Differential Quadrature Based Element Methods ebook cover
A Guide to Microsoft Excel 2013 for Scientists and Engineers ebook cover
Mathematical Models for Neglected Tropical Diseases ebook cover
Introduction to Actuarial and Financial Mathematical Methods ebook cover
Computational Fluid Dynamics: Principles and Applications ebook cover
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Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Methods for Modern Biology ebook cover
A Course in Real Analysis ebook cover