Applied Ebooks

Statistics and Probability for Engineering Applications ebook cover
Mathematica by Example ebook cover
Mathematics for Electrical Engineering and Computing ebook cover
Advanced Systems Design with Java, UML and MDA ebook cover
Game Theory: Mathematical Models of Conflict ebook cover
Neuro-informatics and Neural Modelling ebook cover
$458.05 $495.00
Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and an Introduction to Chaos ebook cover
Mathematical Thinking and Writing: A Transition to Higher Mathematics ebook cover
Maple By Example ebook cover
Zen and the Art of Information Security ebook cover
Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering ebook cover
Actuaries' Survival Guide: How to Succeed in One of the Most Desirable Professions ebook cover
Numerical Computation of Internal and External Flows, Introduction to the Fundamentals of CFD ebook cover
The Spectral Analysis of Time Series ebook cover
Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics ebook cover
Fourier Acoustics: Sound Radiation and Nearfield Acoustical Holography ebook cover
$139.25 $147.00
Finite Element Analysis with Error Estimators ebook cover
Chaos and Fractals: A Computer Graphical Journey ebook cover
$250.10 $270.00
Boundary Value Problems: and Partial Differential Equations ebook cover
Vorticity and Incompressible Flow ebook cover
Principles of Financial Engineering ebook cover
Computational Error and Complexity in Science and Engineering ebook cover
$182.95 $195.00
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The Best Damn Windows Server 2003 Book Period ebook cover
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