Applied Ebooks

Exterior Analysis: Using Applications of Differential Forms ebook cover
Fluid Dynamics of Oil Production ebook cover
Handbook of Statistics: Machine Learning: Theory and Applications ebook cover
$232.05 $250.00
Numerical Methods for Roots of Polynomials - Part II ebook cover
$162.10 $172.00
The Finite Element Method: A Practical Course ebook cover
Misteaks: And How to Find Them Before the Teacher Does ebook cover
The Math Teachers Know: Profound Understanding of Emergent Mathematics ebook cover
Introduction to Variational Methods in Control Engineering ebook cover
Statistics for Physical Sciences: An Introduction ebook cover
Particulate Morphology: Mathematics Applied to Particle Assemblies ebook cover
Risk Modelling in General Insurance ebook cover
Numerical Methods: Using MATLAB ebook cover
Newnes Engineering Mathematics Pocket Book ebook cover
Mathematics for Engineering ebook cover
Reading and Writing the World with Mathematics: Toward a Pedagogy for Social Justice ebook cover
Identifiability In Stochastic Models ebook cover
Simulation of Dynamic Systems with MATLAB and Simulink, Second Edition ebook cover
Systems Evaluation: Methods, Models, and Applications ebook cover
Theory and Approaches of Unascertained Group Decision-Making ebook cover
Applications of Random Process Excursion Analysis ebook cover
$142.00 $150.00
E-discovery ebook cover
A Physicist's Guide to Mathematica ebook cover
Handbook of Differential Equations: Evolutionary Equations ebook cover
$240.90 $260.00
Handbook of Quantum Logic and Quantum Structures: Quantum Structures ebook cover
$250.10 $270.00