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Patrolling the Revolution: Worker Militias, Citizenship, and the Modern Chinese State ebook cover
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Social Entrepreneurship and Citizenship in China: The rise of NGOs in the PRC ebook cover
The Legacy of Tiananmen Square ebook cover
$17.45 $19.95
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Foreign Relations of the PRC ebook cover
$32.80 $40.99
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The Reluctant Combatant: Japan and the Second Sino-Japanese War ebook cover
$25.75 $31.99
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Crime, Punishment, and Policing in China ebook cover
$33.60 $41.99
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Neonationalist Mythology in Postwar Japan ebook cover
$69.30 $94.99
China's Air Pollution Problems ebook cover
South Asian Islam and British Multiculturalism ebook cover
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Tiananmen Moon: Inside the Chinese Student Uprising of 1989 ebook cover
$26.15 $34.99
Restless Valley ebook cover
Stumbling Giant: The Threats to China's Future ebook cover
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Afrasia: A Tale of Two Continents ebook cover
$36.75 $45.99
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Japan's Global Health Policy
Developing a Comprehensive Approach in a Period of Economic Stress
$24.15 $29.99
Converging Regions: Global Perspectives on Asia and the Middle East ebook cover
China's New Governing Party Paradigm ebook cover
Contentious Integration: Post-Cold War Japan-China Relations in the Asia-Pacific ebook cover
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Europe in Emerging Asia: Opportunities and Obstacles in Political and Economic Encounters ebook cover
$23.35 $28.99
My Fight for a New Taiwan: One Woman's Journey from Prison to Power ebook cover
Lijiang Stories: Shamans, Taxi Drivers, and Runaway Brides in Reform-Era China ebook cover
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Meeting China Halfway: How to Defuse the Emerging US-China Rivalry ebook cover
$22.50 $29.95
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The Transformation of Investigative Journalism in China: From Journalists to Activists ebook cover
$58.60 $79.99
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The Abe Restoration: Contemporary Japanese Politics and Reformation ebook cover
$62.15 $84.99
Ideas and Frameworks of Governing India ebook cover