Assessment, Testing & Measurement Ebooks

Research Design & Statistical Analysis ebook cover
Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment, Personality Assessment ebook cover
Cognitive Case Conceptualization: A Guidebook for Practitioners ebook cover
Handbook of Hope: Theory, Measures, and Applications ebook cover
Screening for Brain Impairment: A Manual for Mental Health Practice, Third Edition ebook cover
$64.90 $74.99
Measurement in Psychology ebook cover
Classification and Diagnosis of Psychological Abnormality ebook cover
Essentials of Creativity Assessment ebook cover
Essentials of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment ebook cover
Practitioner's Guide to Assessing Intelligence and Achievement ebook cover
Behavioral Assessment and Case Formulation ebook cover
Observational Measurement of Behavior ebook cover
$72.00 $77.99
Psychological Experiments on the Internet ebook cover
Essentials of Working Memory Assessment and Intervention ebook cover
Essentials of Assessing, Preventing, and Overcoming Reading Difficulties ebook cover
Essentials of CAS2 Assessment ebook cover
Essentials of MCMI-IV Assessment ebook cover
The Inkblots: Hermann Rorschach, His Iconic Test, and the Power of Seeing ebook cover
Essentials of WISC-V Assessment ebook cover
Handbook of Applied Multivariate Statistics and Mathematical Modeling ebook cover
$250.10 $270.00
Essentials of Neuropsychological Assessment ebook cover
Essentials of Dyslexia Assessment and Intervention ebook cover
Psychological Report Writing Assistant ebook cover
The Life Skills IQ Test: 10 Self-Quizzes to Measure Your Practical Intelligence ebook cover