Austria & Hungary Ebooks

The New Space: Movement and Experience in Viennese Modern Architecture ebook cover
The Viennese Revolution of 1848 ebook cover
Crime, Jews and News: Vienna 1890-1914 ebook cover
Apostles of the Alps ebook cover
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The Writers, Artists, Singers, and Musicians of the National Hungarian Jewish Cultural Association (OMIKE), 1939-1944 ebook cover
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Paprika, Foie Gras, and Red Mud: The Politics of Materiality in the European Union ebook cover
$20.10 $27.99
Sacrifice and Rebirth: The Legacy of the Last Habsburg War ebook cover
Tropics of Vienna: Colonial Utopias of the Habsburg Empire ebook cover
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Balkan Wars: Habsburg Croatia, Ottoman Bosnia, and Venetian Dalmatia, 1499-1617 ebook cover
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Scandal in a Small Town ebook cover
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Unified Military Industries of the Soviet Bloc ebook cover
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The Ideological Cold War: The Politics of Neutrality in Austria and Finland ebook cover
Hungary 1956: Forty Years On ebook cover
Pannonia and Upper Moesia (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
Austria, Prussia and The Making of Germany: 1806-1871 ebook cover
The War of Austrian Succession 1740-1748 ebook cover
Noricum (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
The Dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1867-1918 ebook cover
Metternich's Diplomacy at Its Zenith, 1820-1823 ebook cover
The Provisional Austrian Regime in Lombardy-Venetia, 1814-1815 ebook cover
The Limits of Loyalty ebook cover
Understanding Multiculturalism: The Habsburg Central European Experience ebook cover
A History of the Habsburg Empire 1273-1700 ebook cover
Maria's Story ebook cover
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