Automation Ebooks

Practical TCP/IP and Ethernet Networking for Industry ebook cover
Practical Data Acquisition for Instrumentation and Control Systems ebook cover
Practical Radio Engineering and Telemetry for Industry ebook cover
Corporate Vision and Rapid Technological Change: The Evolution of Market Structure ebook cover
Neural and Fuzzy Logic Control of Drives and Power Systems ebook cover
$124.85 $133.00
Newnes Interfacing Companion ebook cover
Control in Power Electronics: Selected Problems ebook cover
$140.30 $150.00
Embedded Microcontroller Interfacing for M-COR ® Systems ebook cover
$108.35 $115.00
Adaptive Control Systems ebook cover
$185.25 $200.00
Control in Robotics and Automation: Sensor Based Integration ebook cover
$111.15 $118.00
Single and Multi-Chip Microcontroller Interfacing: For the Motorola 6812 ebook cover
$86.20 $90.95
Identification of Defects in Semiconductors ebook cover
$235.20 $250.00
Fuzzy Controllers Handbook: How to Design Them, How They Work ebook cover
Digital Control Systems Implementation and Computational Techniques ebook cover
$199.45 $216.00
Computer Control and Human Error ebook cover
Engineering Vibration Analysis with Application to Control Systems ebook cover
Manufacturing and Automation Systems ebook cover
Automata, Languages, and Machines ebook cover