Biblical Criticism & Interpretation Ebooks

Getting Involved with God: Rediscovering the Old Testament ebook cover
$14.05 $16.99
A History of Israel, Fourth Edition ebook cover
$27.65 $34.00
The Cambridge Companion to Postmodern Theology ebook cover
Encountering the Book of Psalms: A Literary and Theological Introduction ebook cover
$23.70 $30.00
Toward an Exegetical Theology: Biblical Exegesis for Preaching and Teaching ebook cover
$22.20 $28.00
The Bible Made Impossible: Why Biblicism Is Not a Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture ebook cover
$15.95 $20.00
Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament ebook cover
$17.50 $21.99
Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God ebook cover
$14.40 $17.99
Protestant Biblical Interpretation: A Textbook of Hermeneutics ebook cover
$22.20 $28.00
Paul the Jewish Theologian: A Pharisee among Christians, Jews, and Gentiles ebook cover
$15.95 $20.00
A Biblical History of Israel ebook cover
$26.05 $32.00
Handbook on the Pentateuch: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy ebook cover
$29.10 $36.99
101 Myths of the Bible ebook cover
$14.85 $17.99
Theology of the Old Testament: Testimony, Dispute, Advocacy ebook cover
$25.00 $33.00
Holy Scripture ebook cover
Jesus the Jewish Theologian ebook cover
$20.60 $26.00
An Introduction to the Old Testament: The Canon and Christian Imagination ebook cover
$19.65 $24.00
The Attributes of God ebook cover
$9.75 $11.99
The Cambridge Companion to Martin Luther ebook cover
The Jesus Legend: A Case for the Historical Reliability of the Synoptic Jesus Tradition ebook cover
$26.80 $34.00
The Cambridge Companion to Biblical Interpretation ebook cover
How Do Catholics Read the Bible? ebook cover
$17.25 $22.50
Revelation ebook cover
$42.95 $54.99
1 Corinthians ebook cover
$42.95 $54.99