Biophysics Ebooks

Advanced Optical Flow Cytometry: Methods and Disease Diagnoses ebook cover
Biohybrid Systems: Nerves, Interfaces and Machines ebook cover
The Science of Sports: Winning in the Olympics ebook cover
Algorithms in Computational Molecular Biology: Techniques, Approaches and Applications ebook cover
Contemporary Health Physics: Problems and Solutions ebook cover
The Electron Capture Detector and The Study of Reactions With Thermal Electrons ebook cover
Structure and Dynamics of Membranes ebook cover
$376.70 $414.00
Adaption of Simulated Annealing to Chemical Optimization Problems ebook cover
Vital Forces: The Discovery of the Molecular Basis of Life ebook cover
$109.30 $116.00
Biomathematics: Mathematics of Biostructures and Biodynamics ebook cover
$350.35 $385.00
General Principles ebook cover
Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging: Inside Out ebook cover
Biofilms ebook cover
$190.00 $200.00
Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging: Inside Out ebook cover
$85.25 $89.95
Handbook of Medical Image Processing and Analysis ebook cover
$189.70 $205.00
Handbook of Dynamical Systems: Volume 1B ebook cover
$273.15 $300.00
Multiple Aspects of DNA and RNA ebook cover
$78.75 $82.95
Macromolecular Crystallography, Part C ebook cover
$199.10 $210.00
Cell Surface Receptors ebook cover
$171.85 $185.00
Practical Protein Crystallography ebook cover
Advances in Quantum Chemistry ebook cover
$224.45 $238.00
Methods and Models in Neurophysics: Lecture Notes of the Les Houches Summer School 2003 ebook cover
$107.45 $114.00
Antioxidants in Disease Mechanisms and Therapy ebook cover
$234.30 $249.00
Fractal Analysis of the Binding and Dissociation Kinetics for Different Analytes on Biosensor Surfaces ebook cover
$216.20 $235.00