Biostatistics Ebooks

The Essentials of Biostatistics for Physicians, Nurses, and Clinicians ebook cover
Biostatistical Methods: The Assessment of Relative Risks ebook cover
Probabilistic Reliability Models ebook cover
Clinical Trials Dictionary: Terminology and Usage Recommendations ebook cover
Mixed Models: Theory and Applications with R ebook cover
Statistical Analysis with Missing Data ebook cover
Computational Network Analysis with R: Applications in Biology, Medicine and Chemistry ebook cover
Statistical Meta-Analysis with Applications ebook cover
Exploration and Analysis of DNA Microarray and Protein Array Data ebook cover
Statistical Methods in Diagnostic Medicine ebook cover
Sampling of Populations: Methods and Applications ebook cover
Health and Numbers: A Problems-Based Introduction to Biostatistics ebook cover
Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis ebook cover
Clinical Trials Handbook: Design and Conduct ebook cover
Exploration and Analysis of DNA Microarray and Other High-Dimensional Data ebook cover
Disease Surveillance: A Public Health Informatics Approach ebook cover
Basic Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics ebook cover
Epidemiology Foundations: The Science of Public Health ebook cover
Statistical Diagnostics for Cancer: Analyzing High-Dimensional Data ebook cover
Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials: Concepts and Methodologies ebook cover
Statistics for Spatio-Temporal Data ebook cover
Analyzing and Modeling Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Infectious Diseases ebook cover
Molecular Data Analysis Using R ebook cover
Medical Uses of Statistics ebook cover