Biotechnology Ebooks

Marine Glycobiology: Principles and Applications ebook cover
Biofilms and Implantable Medical Devices: Infection and Control ebook cover
$232.05 $250.00
Experimental Methods in Orthopaedic Biomechanics ebook cover
$142.00 $150.00
Preserving the Promise: Improving the Culture of Biotech Investment ebook cover
Biocompatibility of Dental Biomaterials ebook cover
$187.45 $200.00
Marine Enzymes Biotechnology ebook cover
Biomaterials and Nanotechnology for Tissue Engineering ebook cover
Comparative Approaches to Biotechnology Development and Use in Developed and Emerging Nations ebook cover
Functionalised Cardiovascular Stents ebook cover
$263.95 $285.00
Biomass to Renewable Energy Processes, Second Edition ebook cover
Role of Nutraceuticals in Cancer Chemosensitization ebook cover
$164.85 $175.00
Applications of Biophotonics and Nanobiomaterials in Biomedical Engineering ebook cover
Biomotors: Linear, Rotation, and Revolution Motion Mechanisms ebook cover
Hemicelluloses and Lignin in Biorefineries ebook cover
Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine ebook cover
Computational Chemistry Methodology in Structural Biology and Materials Sciences ebook cover
Advances in Applied Microbiology ebook cover
Coarse-Grained Modeling of Biomolecules ebook cover
Computational Methods for Process Simulation ebook cover
Plant Tissue Culture: Theory and Practice ebook cover
$421.10 $455.00
Molecular Breeding of Woody Plants ebook cover
$270.70 $285.00
Stability and Stabilization of Biocatalysts ebook cover
$425.70 $460.00
Molecular Biology Techniques: An Intensive Laboratory Course ebook cover
Advances in DNA Sequence-specific Agents ebook cover