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Browsings: A Year of Reading, Collecting, and Living with Books ebook cover
Dickens and the Grotesque (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
Penguin and the Lane Brothers: The Untold Story of a Publishing Revolution ebook cover
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The Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac ebook cover
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Beyond Gatsby ebook cover
$30.45 $37.99
The Power of Knowledge: How Information and Technology Made the Modern World ebook cover
The Invention of News: How the World Came to Know About Itself ebook cover
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Designing Online Information Literacy Games Students Want to Play ebook cover
$59.40 $74.99
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A Social History of Books and Libraries from Cuneiform to Bytes ebook cover
$53.95 $67.99
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A Lifetime of Fiction: The 500 Most Recommended Reads for Ages 2 to 102 ebook cover
$12.30 $14.99
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Online by Design: The Essentials of Creating Information Literacy Courses ebook cover
$42.25 $52.99
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Designing Information Literacy Instruction: The Teaching Tripod Approach ebook cover
$50.05 $62.99
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Politics by Other Means: Selected Criticism from Review 31 ebook cover
$9.90 $11.99
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Beyond the White Negro: Empathy and Anti-Racist Reading ebook cover
$20.95 $27.00
Comics and the Senses: A Multisensory Approach to Comics and Graphic Novels ebook cover
Negotiating Copyright ebook cover
Entranced by Story: Brain, Tale and Teller, from Infancy to Old Age ebook cover
Relationships Between Teaching Faculty and Teaching Librarians ebook cover
Resisting Novels (Routledge Revivals): Ideology and Fiction ebook cover
V. S. Naipaul (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
Joseph Conrad and the Ethics of Darwinism (Routledge Revivals): The Challenges of Science ebook cover
Hamlet's Castle: The Study of Literature as a Social Experience ebook cover
Terrors of Uncertainty (Routledge Revivals): The Cultural Contexts of Horror Fiction ebook cover