Business Development Ebooks

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Driven to Success: A 10-Point Checkup for Achieving High Performance in Business ebook cover
$8.40 $9.99
Public Pension Fund Management: Governance, Accountability, and Investment Policies ebook cover
$17.85 $19.99
How to Run Successful Projects in Web Time ebook cover
$71.20 $79.00
Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level ebook cover
Impact Investing: Transforming How We Make Money While Making a Difference ebook cover
The Perfectionist's Handbook ebook cover
The Perfectionist's Handbook ebook cover
Growth Curve Modeling: Theory and Applications ebook cover
The Innovator's Manifesto: Deliberate Disruption for Transformational Growth ebook cover
Will Work from Home: Earn the Cash--Without the Commute ebook cover
Agile Innovation ebook cover
A primer on efficiency measurement for utilities and transport regulators: ebook cover
$13.55 $14.99
Sustainable Business Development ebook cover
Flexible Product Development: Building Agility for Changing Markets ebook cover
Work Makes Me Nervous: Overcome Anxiety and Build the Confidence to Succeed ebook cover
How the Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In ebook cover
It's Not Rocket Science: 4 Simple Strategies for Mastering the Art of Execution ebook cover
Coaching Up! Inspiring Peak Performance When It Matters Most ebook cover
The Employee Experience: How to Attract Talent, Retain Top Performers, and Drive Results ebook cover
Seamless: A Hero's Journey of Digital Disruption, Adaptation and Human Transformation ebook cover
The Fall of the Alphas: The New Beta Way to Connect, Collaborate, Influence---and Lead ebook cover
Compete Smarter, Not Harder ebook cover
The Curve: How Smart Companies Find High-Value Customers ebook cover
How to Kill a Unicorn ebook cover