Chemical & Biochemical Ebooks

Biomedical Mass Transport and Chemical Reaction ebook cover
Green Biocatalysis ebook cover
Guidelines for Implementing Process Safety Management ebook cover
The Greening of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Theories and Solutions ebook cover
Synthetic Natural Gas: From Coal, Dry Biomass, and Power-to-Gas Applications ebook cover
Rheology and Processing of Polymer Nanocomposites ebook cover
Introduction to Petroleum Engineering ebook cover
Attainable Region Theory: An Introduction to Choosing an Optimal Reactor ebook cover
Aspen Plus: Chemical Engineering Applications ebook cover
Nanostructured Polymer Membranes, Volume 2: Applications ebook cover
Pharmaceutical Excipients ebook cover
Simulation of Industrial Processes for Control Engineers ebook cover
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Plastics Engineering ebook cover
$91.75 $96.95
Particle Deposition and Aggregation: Measurement, Modelling and Simulation ebook cover
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Introduction to Physical Polymer Science ebook cover
Industrial Catalysis: A Practical Approach ebook cover
Biosurfaces: A Materials Science and Engineering Perspective ebook cover
Polymers in Regenerative Medicine: Biomedical Applications from Nano- to Macro-Structures ebook cover
Cooperative Catalysis: Designing Efficient Catalysts for Synthesis ebook cover
Green Extraction of Natural Products: Theory and Practice ebook cover
Biochemical Engineering: A Textbook for Engineers, Chemists and Biologists ebook cover
Sustainable Energy Conversion for Electricity and Coproducts ebook cover
Functional Polymer Coatings: Principles, Methods, and Applications ebook cover
Handbook of Fluorescent Dyes and Probes ebook cover