Chemical & Biochemical Ebooks

UNITECR 2013 ebook cover
The Chemistry of Bio-based Polymers ebook cover
Design, Development, and Applications of Structural Ceramics, Composites, and Nanomaterials ebook cover
Polymers in Regenerative Medicine: Biomedical Applications from Nano- to Macro-Structures ebook cover
Green Extraction of Natural Products: Theory and Practice ebook cover
Biochemical Engineering: A Textbook for Engineers, Chemists and Biologists ebook cover
Operational Excellence: Journey to Creating Sustainable Value ebook cover
Plastics and Environmental Sustainability ebook cover
AIChE Equipment Testing Procedure - Trayed and Packed Columns ebook cover
Biodegradable and Biobased Polymers for Environmental and Biomedical Applications ebook cover
Guidelines for Integrating Management Systems and Metrics to Improve Process Safety Performance ebook cover
Vacuum Technology in the Chemical Industry ebook cover
Principles of Polymerization ebook cover
Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules: Basic Principles and Issues ebook cover
Wiley Guide to Chemical Incompatibilities ebook cover
Coloring of Plastics: Fundamentals ebook cover
Identification of Cleaner Production Improvement Opportunities ebook cover
Handbook of Plastics Testing and Failure Analysis ebook cover
Synthesis, Properties, and Applications of Oxide Nanomaterials ebook cover
Organic and Physical Chemistry of Polymers ebook cover
Microwave-Enhanced Polymer Chemistry and Technology ebook cover
Science and Technology of Polymer Nanofibers ebook cover
Biodegradable Polymer Blends and Composites from Renewable Resources ebook cover
High Performance Pigments ebook cover