Chemical & Biochemical Ebooks

Applied Surfactants: Principles and Applications ebook cover
Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: In Polymer Reaction Engineering ebook cover
Research and Development Management in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical ebook cover
NMR Imaging in Chemical Engineering ebook cover
Multiproduct Plants ebook cover
Wiley Guide to Chemical Incompatibilities ebook cover
Coloring of Plastics: Fundamentals ebook cover
Macromolecules Containing Metal and Metal-Like Elements, Group IVA Polymers ebook cover
Beyond Equilibrium Thermodynamics ebook cover
Macromolecules Containing Metal and Metal-Like Elements, A Half-Century of Metal- and Metalloid-Containing Polymers ebook cover
Principles of Polymerization ebook cover
Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules: Basic Principles and Issues ebook cover
Homogeneous Catalysis: Mechanisms and Industrial Applications ebook cover
Block Copolymers: Synthetic Strategies, Physical Properties, and Applications ebook cover
Handbook of Radical Polymerization ebook cover
Explosives ebook cover
Handbook of Palladium-Catalysed Organic Reactions ebook cover
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Handbook of Inorganic Electrochromic Materials ebook cover
$227.65 $245.00
Handbook of Algebra ebook cover
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Digital Printing of Textiles ebook cover
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Batteries for Portable Devices ebook cover
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Chemical Energy and Exergy: An Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics for Engineers ebook cover
Computational Materials Science ebook cover
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Fouling of Heat Exchangers ebook cover