China Ebooks

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The Great Chinese Art Transfer: How So Much of China's Art Came to America ebook cover
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The Eurasian Way of War: Military Practice in Seventh-Century China and Byzantium ebook cover
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Building New China, Colonizing Kokonor: Resettlement to Qinghai in the 1950s ebook cover
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The Chinese in Cuba, 1847-Now ebook cover
$73.05 $99.00
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Confrontation over Taiwan: Nineteenth-Century China and the Powers ebook cover
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Becoming a Model Minority: Schooling Experiences of Ethnic Koreans in China ebook cover
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Tempered in the Revolutionary Furnace: China's Youth in the Rustication Movement ebook cover
$30.90 $40.99
Affairs of China ebook cover
China and Japan at War 1937 - 1945 ebook cover
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Four Seasons: A Ming Emperor and His Grand Secretaries in Sixteenth-Century China ebook cover
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Marxism in the Chinese Revolution ebook cover
$85.20 $116.00
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Beyond the May Fourth Paradigm: In Search of Chinese Modernity ebook cover
$75.90 $103.00
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The Transformation of Yiguan Dao in Taiwan: Adapting to a Changing Religious Economy ebook cover
$62.20 $84.00
The Art of War (Wisehouse Classics Edition) ebook cover
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Celestial Women: Imperial Wives and Concubines in China from Song to Qing ebook cover
$62.20 $84.00
Xinjiang and the Modern Chinese State ebook cover
The Letter to Ren An and Sima Qian's Legacy ebook cover
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The Transformation of Investigative Journalism in China: From Journalists to Activists ebook cover
$56.45 $76.00
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A Thousand Miles of Dreams: The Journeys of Two Chinese Sisters ebook cover
$15.35 $19.95
Heroines of the Qing: Exemplary Women Tell Their Stories ebook cover
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The Grand Scribe's Records: Volume X: The Memoirs of Han China, Part III ebook cover
$42.20 $59.99
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Transmitting the Ideal of Enlightenment ebook cover
$27.20 $35.99
The Lin Piao Affair (Routledge Revivals): Power Politics and Military Coup ebook cover
China in the Era of Xi Jinping: Domestic and Foreign Policy Challenges ebook cover