China Ebooks

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Beyond the Stone Arches: An American Missionary Doctor in China, 1892-1932 ebook cover
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Is Taiwan Chinese?: The Impact of Culture, Power, and Migration on Changing Identities ebook cover
$28.25 $34.95
Mountain of Fame: Portraits in Chinese History ebook cover
The Travels of an Alchemist - The Journey of the Taoist Ch'ang-Ch'un from China to the Hindukush at the Summons of Chingiz Khan ebook cover
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China beyond the Headlines ebook cover
$30.45 $37.99
World Criminal Justice Systems: A Comparative Survey ebook cover
China's Great Leap: The Beijing Games and Olympian Human Rights Challenges ebook cover
Women of the Long March ebook cover
Restructuring the Chinese City: Changing Society, Economy and Space ebook cover
The China Diary of George H. W. Bush: The Making of a Global President ebook cover
Contagious Capitalism: Globalization and the Politics of Labor in China ebook cover
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Learning to Be A Sage ebook cover
$25.10 $30.95
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The Poems of Mao Zedong ebook cover
$14.05 $16.95
The Taming of the Demons: Violence and Liberation in Tibetan Buddhism ebook cover
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Unveiling of Lhasa ebook cover
$7.65 $9.99
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Modernizing China's Military: Progress, Problems, and Prospects ebook cover
$28.25 $34.95
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China's Deep Reform: Domestic Politics in Transition ebook cover
$46.15 $57.99
China in War and Revolution, 1895-1949 ebook cover
The Mind of Empire: China's History and Modern Foreign Relations ebook cover
Hong Kong Cinema: Coloniser, Motherland and Self ebook cover
Strong Borders, Secure Nation: Cooperation and Conflict in China's Territorial Disputes ebook cover
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A History of the Modern Chinese Army ebook cover
$22.55 $27.95
Landscape and Power in Early China ebook cover
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Mao and the Economic Stalinization of China, 1948-1953 ebook cover
$76.40 $104.99