City Planning & Urban Dev. Ebooks

Conflict and Change in Australia's Peri-Urban Landscapes ebook cover
Rich Pictures: Encouraging Resilient Communities ebook cover
CITY-HUBs: Sustainable and Efficient Urban Transport Interchanges ebook cover
Urban China's Rural Fringe: Actors, Dimensions and Management Challenges ebook cover
Priced Out: Stuyvesant Town and the Loss of Middle-Class Neighborhoods ebook cover
Pakistan - Social and Cultural Transformations in a Muslim Nation ebook cover
A History of Settlement in Ireland ebook cover
The Effectiveness of World Bank Support for Community-Based and -Driven Development ebook cover
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The New Chicago: A Social and Cultural Analysis ebook cover
$41.90 $47.95
Creating Child Friendly Cities: New Perspectives and Prospects ebook cover
Planning at the Landscape Scale ebook cover
An Introduction to Community Development ebook cover
Handbook of Local and Regional Development ebook cover
Divided Cities: Belfast, Beirut, Jerusalem, Mostar, and Nicosia ebook cover
GreenTOpia: Towards a Sustainable Toronto ebook cover
$15.25 $16.95
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Sowing Change: The Making of Havana's Urban Agriculture ebook cover
$7.55 $9.99
The Death of Detroit ebook cover
Neighbors and Neighborhoods: Elements of Successful Community Design ebook cover
Foreclosing the Dream: How America's Housing Crisis is Reshaping our Cities and Suburbs ebook cover
Reinventing London ebook cover
$6.00 $6.99
Snarl: In Defense of Stalled Traffic and Faulty Networks ebook cover
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Development Derailed: Calgary and the CPR , 1962-64 ebook cover
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Trading Places: Accessing land in African cities ebook cover
Designing To Avoid Disaster: The Nature of Fracture-Critical Design ebook cover