City Planning & Urban Dev. Ebooks

Planning by Consent: The Origins and Nature of British Development Control ebook cover
Twentieth-Century Music Theory and Practice ebook cover
World Cities and Urban Form: Fragmented, Polycentric, Sustainable? ebook cover
Municipalities and Community Participation: A Sourcebook for Capacity Building ebook cover
The Physical City: Public Space and the Infrastructure ebook cover
Disaster Theory: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Concepts and Causes ebook cover
Public Space and Relational Perspectives: New Challenges for Architecture and Planning ebook cover
Cities of Light: Two Centuries of Urban Illumination ebook cover
Running the Numbers ebook cover
Place-making and Urban Development: New challenges for contemporary planning and design ebook cover
The Business of Leadership: An Introduction: An Introduction ebook cover
Here for Good ebook cover
Dynamics of Leadership in Public Service: Theory and Practice ebook cover
Financing Economic Development in the 21st Century ebook cover
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Varieties of Civic Innovation ebook cover
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The University and Urban Revival: Out of the Ivory Tower and Into the Streets ebook cover
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Motherhood, Poverty, and the WIC Program in Urban America: Life Strategies ebook cover
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Transformed: Reinventing Pittsburgh's Industrial Sites for a New Century, 1975-1995 ebook cover
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Urban Maps: Instruments of Narrative and Interpretation in the City ebook cover
Ineffably Urban: Imaging Buffalo ebook cover
Exhibitions and the Development of Modern Planning Culture ebook cover
Camera Constructs: Photography, Architecture and the Modern City ebook cover
Colonial Architecture and Urbanism in Africa: Intertwined and Contested Histories ebook cover
A City's Architecture: Aberdeen as 'Designed City' ebook cover