City Planning & Urban Dev. Ebooks

Leadership and Place ebook cover
Designing Urban Transformation ebook cover
Musical Comedy in America ebook cover
John Winthrop: Founding the City Upon a Hill ebook cover
Informed Cities: Making Research Work for Local Sustainability ebook cover
Planning and Design for Sustainable Urban Mobility ebook cover
Urban Planning Practice In Developing Countries ebook cover
Multicriteria Evaluation in Physical Planning ebook cover
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The Post-Growth Project ebook cover
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The future of sustainable cities: Critical reflections ebook cover
Urban Policy and the Exterior City ebook cover
A Study of Growth and Decline: Urban Europe ebook cover
London Docklands: Urban Design in an Age of Deregulation ebook cover
Resources and Planning: Pergamon Oxford Geographies ebook cover
British Cities: An Analysis of Urban Change ebook cover
How Cities Work: An Introduction ebook cover
Spatial Dimensions of Public Policy ebook cover
Futures for a Declining City: Simulations for the Cleveland Area ebook cover
Community action and planning: Contexts, drivers and outcomes ebook cover
Qualitative Analysis for Planning & Policy: Beyond the Numbers ebook cover
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Living Cities: A Case for Urbanism and Guidelines for Re-urbanization ebook cover
The Geographical Transformation of China ebook cover
Urban Lighting, Light Pollution and Society ebook cover
Now Urbanism: The Future City is Here ebook cover